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Vestiaire St-Joseph

Shediac businesses have helped Vestiaire St-Joseph from the very beginning. As Mark LeBlanc mentions, without them, the Vestiaire could not provide for the people who benefit from this non-profit organization. It’s now time to return the favour, and continue to support these local businesses that make an important contribution to the proper functioning of the community.

Roméo’s Marine

My name is Roméo Léger. I have been the owner of Roméo’s Marine since the year 1968. I was a body man for a few years. At first, coming out of college, my dream was to work for CN. My second choice was to find a career, to do something with my life. No one else was doing it at the time, and I had good support from everybody.

Shediac Lobster Shop

Lobster is part of Shediac’s identity. Since 1946, Shediac Lobster Shop has been contributing to the quality of the region’s culinary culture. It is also important to mention that Hector Maillet, the father of Serge and Gilles, also helped expand the company and contributed to its multi-generational success. Hector joined the family business in the late 60s. Gilles and Serge became owners in the 80s and 90s respectively.

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The downtown core is the most happening spot in Shediac. It's the ideal place to shop, grab a bite to eat or simply go for a stroll!

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